Blog Spot by Dr. Daniel Cohen, International Medical Director

Providing healthcare is complicated. Datix's International Medical Director, Dr Dan Cohen, discusses challenges and lessons in patient safety, often reflecting the sentiments of those on the front lines of healthcare; doctors, nurses and patients. From transparency in patient safety to engaging physicians, Dr Cohen comments on how improvements can be made, supported by case studies and personal observations reflecting his extensive medical career in the UK and USA.

Each monthly blog is available to read below. Booklets of both series; "Achieving High Reliability" and "Patient Safety: What does Just Culture have to do with it?" can be downloaded in the resources section in the right-hand side panel or alternatively please email with your address for a hard copy to be sent via the post.

Dr. Daniel Cohen, International Medical Director

Communication and Patient Safety

Communication, Communication, Communication

Training Medical and Nursing Students for Patient Safety

Educating the Medical Workforce for Patient Safety

Joy + Meaning ≈ Patient Safety

Patient Safety and Consumer Engagement – ‘‘Nothing about me without me’’

An Integrated Care Platform for Enhancing Patient Safety

A Just Culture for Complaining Patients

Transparency and Patient Safety “I can see clearly now the rain is gone…”